The individually wrapped pocketed spring coil mattress where invented by James Marshall in 1899, over 100 years ago. He was a machinist and engineer that lived in Canada. The pocket coils were also known by his name as Marshall Coils. He created his company Marshall Mattress Company in Toronto, Canada.

When buying a mattress is very important to take in the consideration the fact that mostly half of our life is being spent lying or sleeping on our mattress. This piece of furniture is the most important one in the house, as we spend more time in our bed than in any other furniture from the house. Everybody needs a corner in the house where they can relax and feel cozy.

Most of the time, this place is our bed, as we want to lie down and rest. Our body needs to rest properly during the night. If we don’t have a good night sleep, our mornings and days are being affected. We can wake up tired, nervous, and frustrated. And, in the end, this affects not only our day, but our life too. A good mattress will improve not only your sleep, but your health too.

The correct position when sleeping is essential both for children and for adults for a good resting, a correct spine support and a healthy development.

80% of populations face up spine pains which can get worse due to incorrect position when sleeping.

A healthy position helps to correct maintenance of curves of spine, thus eliminating the risk on appearance of problems and spine disorders. Here are the most frequent sleeping positions and their advantages and disadvantages: Sleeping on spine, the first recommended position. When sleeping on spine we help the neck, spinal column and spine to keep a neutral position, because in this way no additional curve of body is formed.